In 2001, Marie and Steve Deibele began raising grass-fed beef on 210 acres of farmland that he acquired over a span of 10 years near Kiel, Wisconsin.  In 2007, they expanded the operation to include Berkshire pigs.  Golden Bear Farm is now home to over 150 pigs, 60 head of cattle and 6 horses, all of which are rotationally grazed on certified organic pastures.  Our pastures are naturally fertilized and enhanced with sea minerals and high-calcium lime.  We work closely with conservation and soil management professionals to increase the health of our soils and plants, thereby increasing the nutritional density of our meat.    

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We raise Berkshire pigs on certified organic pastures and hay.  Our pigs are rotationally grazed over 7 acres during the spring, summer and fall.  We grow a variety of organic fruits and vegetables in our 2 acre garden mostly for the pigs.  In addition, we feed barley, field peas, kelp and molasses.  We never feed our pigs corn, soy, or processed foods.  
We take our pigs to Beck's Meats in Oshkosh for processing.  They are Certified Humane and use state-of-the-art processing.  They never add MSG, sodium nitrates, sodium nitrites, gluten or any chemicals to our meat.   

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